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Earthquake Resistant Expansion Joint (ERJ)

Earthquake Resistant Expansion Join (ERJ)

Earthquake Resistant Expansion Join (ERJ)

Earthquake Resistant Expansion Join (ERJ)



Allow expansion of over 200 mm into the Longitudinal(X), Transverse(Y) directions and also Vertical direction movements (Z) in seismic applications

Driver Safety

The wheel can maintain the continuity with the flat appearance of the upper plate in the finger type


Row material is strong with an aluminum and steel composite structure and it is composed of a simple beam sliding on the lower plate where the one side of the upper plate is symmetrical so as to prevent the damage of the upper plate with its strong durability from the wheel load and also has an excellent resistance against abrasion and corrosion.

Vibration & Noise

The Rubber Seal between the upper plate and lower plate absorbs the shock generated from the contact of the vehicle wheel and reduces the vibration and noise

Easy Maintenance

The system consists of a separate unit structure so that it is easy to replace unit by unit in case of problems. Also, in case of leakage due to the Rubber Seal being damaged, its, so called, sliding structure makes it possible to replace the Rubber Seal from under the lower laying gap of the bridge slab(under the bridge); Therefore, this does not generate traffic congestion or any civil claims from drivers.

Economical Efficiency

It allows three directional movements of X, Y, and Z of earthquakes and can be reused when the seismic behavior is terminated as long as the seismic damage does not break the bridge itself. In addition, it has a safe structure compared to the existing expansion and has an excellent long-term economical efficiency in the maintenance by making it possible to replace the Rubber Seal only which has the highest frequency of damage.

Deal Drawing

Deal Drawing

Ground Plan

Ground Plan

Standard Cross Section Drawing

Standard Cross Section Drawing

Standards Table Label (unit:mm)

Model No.
Volume of
Expansion and
Product Origin
Block out
BF 200 200 580 330 80 350 480  
BF 250 250 680 380 80 350 490  
BF 300 300 780 430 80 350 540  
BF 350 350 880 480 80 350 590  
BF 400 400 1000 550 100 350 760  
BF 500 500 1200 650 100 350 860  
BF 600 600 1400 750 100 350 960  
BF 700 700 1600 850 100 350 1060  

Comparison Table of earthquake-resistant expansion joints

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Allows enough movements of X, Y, Z axles
Separated unit structure

Limited vertical movement


→ Partial repair
(only the Rubber Seal from under the bridge)
→ low maintenance cost
→ no traffic control

Monolithic structure
→ No partial repair, but the whole system(entire system must be replaced)
→ High maintenance cost
→ Full traffic control


Easy to construct (Simple Structure)

Requires heavy equipment to install due to the monolithic structure Requires precise construction

Flatness of the road

Smooth transition with its finger type structure

Its discontinuous structural feature makes heavy noise and low quality of riding

Product price

Low, ,USD 9,700 / meter

High, USD 17,100 / meter


Characteristics of ERJ movement

Characteristics of ERJ movement

Detailed drawing of lower side rubber seal

Detailed drawing of lower side rubber seal

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