Construction and Expert


Year Project Name Place of Order
  • Incidental maintaining work in Yeongwol
  • Pathway Box maintenace & restoring at a broadway 3-15ho
  • Incidental maintaining work in Bongpyong
  • Incidental maintaining work in Yangpeong
  • Incidental maintaining work in Hongcheon
  • Reorganizing and repairing work for Gongdong day care
  • Repairing and maintenance work for factory No. 1 faciilty
  • Repairing and reinforcement work for Sangdo tunnel
  • Install partition for observing room at Gwachon
  • Repairing work for Joongdong bridge (No. 59 ine)
  • Replacement work for expansion joint at Jipo
  • Drain pipe reparing & reinforcing
  • Nokbon River construction repair
  • Waterway(#4 water plant) Maintenance
  • Susio Station’s parking lot Darinage Maintenance
  • Adjustment of space in Repair work


  • Let’s go Pension housing
  • Gangneung
  • Let’s go Pension housing
  • Let’s go Pension housing
  • Let’s go Pension housing
  • Guro-Gu office in Seoul
  • Seoul water work
  • Seoul construction safety management
  • S/S Korea electric power corporation
  • Busan regional construction management office
  • Bridge Gangwon province
  • Jayang-DongGwangjin-Gu Office in Seoul
  • Nokbon RiverSouth of Seoul road management work
  • Seoul Stagnant Water Corporation
  • Seoul Metropolitan Facilities
  • University of Seoul
  • Subway No. 2 line(Shindab~Yongdab)-install flood preventor
  • Repair work of bridge
  • Elevated bridge Construction repair & reinforcing work for court
  • Reorganized interior and repair work for staff dormitory
  • Repair work for crack in Gyungbu highway (3 closed conduit except a pathway box , 367.8km)
  • Seoul subway corporation
  • Bundang-gu office
  • Incheon Headquarter of General
  • Incheon Environment Corporation
  • Korea highway corporation, Suwon office
  • Coating in extension service for multipurpose area (Kyesan girl’s high school additional contract)
  • Keompa Bridge repair construction Hwajeon Bridge repair
  • construction Bondu
  • Bridge repair construction
  • Incheon Metropolitan office of Education
  • BOX repair·reinforcement construction (Building site
    reclamation projecti n Kyodongâ…ˇ district)
  • Crack conservation work
  • Gangneung
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