Construction and Expert

Types and Method

Classification Repair Reinforcement Reinforcement Improvement
Concrete Structure Bridge,
  • Crack Repair
  • Surface and section repair (Aggregate Separation, Raging, Neutralization Exfoliation Damage, Steel Exposure)
  • Other repair (expansion joint, bridge bearings water-proof surface, paving surface, water-leakage water-proof roof)


  • Reinforcement Of Steel Plate
  • Reinforcement Of Fabric
  • Reinforcement Of H-BEAM
  • Sectional Extension
  • Girder Extension
  • Installation Other Extension (post tensioning)
  • Reinforcement Of Bracket
  • High-pressure
  • Block installation
  • Lane leading bar
  • Examination
  • Pathway
  • Installation
  • Sewage hole
  • Drilling water-pipe
  • Installtion
  • Water-pipe Installation
Steels Structure Bridge Structure
  • Rust, Corrosion, Paintwork Repair
  • Connectors Repair (Welded area, Bolts, SP PLATE)


  • Reinforcement Of Bracket
Other structure Slope Road Foundation
  • Repair for collapsed & broken structure


  • Sinked Ground Restoration
  • Foundation
  • Lock Bolt Construction
  • Shotcrete Application
  • Water-pipe Installation
  • Covert rust in of soil
  • Safety fence & safety net installation

Method of repair construction

Crack repair-  coating treatment on the surface, seal treatment, injection, inserting

Surface repair- polymer epoxy, acrylic polymer, ceramic, metal mixture, ect.

Section repair- high-pressure spray , SBR type polymer mortar, amorphous silica, ect.

Steels repair- rustremoval and re-coating

Method of reinforcement construction

Fiber reinforcement- carbon fiber, aramid fiber, glass fiber, ect.

Section extension- Plastering, smoothing out

ground reinforcement- grouting, uretek

Post tensioning- uphold rubbing, upgraded uphold rubbing, uniform uphold,horizontal tension.

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