Safety Examination


Safety Examination Inspection

Research on detecting danger elements found in a building by professional engineers.Tools are their eyes and high qualified investigation tools.

Time Management

ㆍAverage : More than 1/ 3 months 

ㆍRegular : More than 1/ 2years

   (Bridge: more than once/1yr, Building: more than once/3yrs)

ㆍUrgent : When needed

Operating Institution

ㆍBuilding Management office.

ㆍSafety Inspection Institute.

Close Examination Inspection

Research and solution for the circumstances , and also to evaluate the overall safety structure. In order to research and come out with a proper solution, sensitive tools, detail research of the reason, evaluatioin, replacement will be done.

Target construction for close examination

ㆍFacility that is more than 10 years from the constructed year, which is called “Class 1″
(exception : Apartment and house,    abandoned facility)

ㆍFacility that has been proven to need any sort of management control.

Time management : More than 1/ 5years

Operating Institution

ㆍBuilding Management Institute.

ㆍExpert Safety Inspection Institute.

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