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The machinery of government The Board of Audit and Inspection
Ministry Construction & Transportation
Ministry of Science and
Ministry of Labor
National Assembly of the Republic of Korea
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
National archive & Records Service
Korean National Railroad
Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
Ministry of Environment
A public institution Korean highway Management
Korea Agricultural & Rural Infrastructure Corp.
Korea Resources Corp.
Korea National Housing Corp.
Busan Urban Transit Authority
Seoul Metropolitan Subway
Seoul metropolitan rapid transit Corp.
Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corp.
Inchon Rapid Transit Corp.
Incheon International Airport Corp.
Korea Gas Corp.
Korea Train Express
Korea Airport Authority
Korea Highway Corp.
Korea Industrial complex corp.
Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
Korea Water Resources Corp.
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company
Korea Electric Power Corp.
Korea Land Corp.
Environmental Management Corp.
Learned Society and association Korea Construction Financial Cooperative
Academy for Construction technology
Construction Association of Korea
Korea Institute of Registered Architects
Architectural Institute of Korea
Korea Building Materials Association
Korean society of Transportation
Korea water service society
Korean Welding Society
Korea Specialty Constructors Association
Korea society of Civil Engineers
Korea Construction Safety Engineering Association
Facilities Maintenance Works Council
Korean Society of Steel Construction
The Korea Construction consulting Engineers Association
Korea Institute of construction Engineering and Management
Korea construction Engineers Association
Korea construction CALS Association
Korea Institute for Structural Maintenance Inspection
The Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing
Korea Water Resources Association
Korea commercial Diving Technician Association
Korea Society for Rock Mechanics
Korea Engineering Services Association
Computational Structural Engineering Institute
Korea Housing Association
Korean Geo-technical Society
Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea
Korea Concrete Association
Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry
Korea Society of Ocean Environmental Engineers
Korea Society of Oceanography
Contractors Association of Korea
Korea Disaster Prevention Association
Korea Industrial Safety Association
Korean Society of Water and Wastewater
Association of Structural Safety Inspection
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